GRB160321_155527_SWIFT at TAROT Calern observatory

TAROT Calern observatory log of images

AL_20160321_184055699_000000_16750901     0 star  filter C [ 9743.4s -  9923.4s] expo=180s elev=51.5deg humid= 87% sunelev=-10.3deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+26.0 )
AL_20160321_184406918_000000_16750901     0 star  filter C [ 9934.6s - 10114.6s] expo=180s elev=51.4deg humid= 86% sunelev=-10.9deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+27.0 )
AL_20160321_184717402_000000_16750901    19 stars filter R [10125.1s - 10305.1s] expo=180s elev=51.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-11.4deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+27.0 )
AL_20160321_185048106_000000_16751001     0 star  filter C [10335.8s - 10515.8s] expo=180s elev=51.1deg humid= 87% sunelev=-12.0deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+28.0 )
AL_20160321_185358627_000000_16751001     0 star  filter C [10526.3s - 10706.3s] expo=180s elev=50.9deg humid= 87% sunelev=-12.6deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+29.0 )
AL_20160321_185709377_000000_16751001     0 star  filter R [10717.0s - 10897.0s] expo=180s elev=50.8deg humid= 87% sunelev=-13.2deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+29.0 )
AL_20160321_190026174_000000_16751101     0 star  filter C [10913.8s - 11093.8s] expo=180s elev=50.6deg humid= 88% sunelev=-13.7deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+30.0 )
AL_20160321_190336654_000000_16751101     0 star  filter C [11104.3s - 11284.3s] expo=180s elev=50.4deg humid= 88% sunelev=-14.3deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+30.0 )
AL_20160321_190647670_000000_16751101     0 star  filter R [11295.3s - 11475.3s] expo=180s elev=50.2deg humid= 88% sunelev=-14.8deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+31.0 )
AL_20160321_191007216_000000_16751201     0 star  filter C [11494.9s - 11674.9s] expo=180s elev=50.0deg humid= 87% sunelev=-15.4deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+31.0 )
AL_20160321_191317753_000000_16751201    42 stars filter C [11685.4s - 11865.4s] expo=180s elev=49.7deg humid= 87% sunelev=-16.0deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+32.0 )
AL_20160321_191628722_000000_16751201    33 stars filter R [11876.4s - 12056.4s] expo=180s elev=49.5deg humid= 87% sunelev=-16.5deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+32.0 )
AL_20160321_191951534_000000_16751301    43 stars filter C [12079.2s - 12259.2s] expo=180s elev=49.3deg humid= 87% sunelev=-17.1deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+33.0 )
AL_20160321_192302049_000000_16751301    38 stars filter C [12269.7s - 12449.7s] expo=180s elev=49.0deg humid= 87% sunelev=-17.6deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+33.0 )
AL_20160321_192612799_000000_16751301    33 stars filter R [12460.5s - 12640.5s] expo=180s elev=48.7deg humid= 87% sunelev=-18.2deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+34.0 )
AL_20160321_192935378_000000_16751401     0 star  filter C [12663.0s - 12843.0s] expo=180s elev=48.4deg humid= 87% sunelev=-18.8deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+34.0 )
AL_20160321_193246380_000000_16751401     0 star  filter C [12854.0s - 13034.0s] expo=180s elev=48.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-19.3deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+35.0 )
AL_20160321_193556645_000000_16751401     0 star  filter R [13044.3s - 13224.3s] expo=180s elev=47.9deg humid= 86% sunelev=-19.8deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+35.0 )
AL_20160321_193919474_000000_16751501     0 star  filter C [13247.1s - 13427.1s] expo=180s elev=47.5deg humid= 86% sunelev=-20.4deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+36.0 )
AL_20160321_194230875_000000_16751501     0 star  filter C [13438.6s - 13618.6s] expo=180s elev=47.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-20.9deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+36.0 )
AL_20160321_194541641_000000_16751501    27 stars filter R [13629.3s - 13809.3s] expo=180s elev=46.9deg humid= 86% sunelev=-21.5deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+36.0 )
AL_20160321_194903766_000000_16751601     0 star  filter C [13831.4s - 14011.4s] expo=180s elev=46.5deg humid= 86% sunelev=-22.0deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+37.0 )
AL_20160321_195214031_000000_16751601     0 star  filter C [14021.7s - 14201.7s] expo=180s elev=46.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-22.5deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+37.0 )
AL_20160321_195525040_000000_16751601    25 stars filter R [14212.7s - 14392.7s] expo=180s elev=45.8deg humid= 86% sunelev=-23.1deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+38.0 )
AL_20160321_195847118_000000_16751701    43 stars filter C [14414.8s - 14594.8s] expo=180s elev=45.5deg humid= 86% sunelev=-23.6deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+38.0 )
AL_20160321_200157680_000000_16751701    45 stars filter C [14605.3s - 14785.3s] expo=180s elev=45.1deg humid= 86% sunelev=-24.1deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+39.0 )
AL_20160321_200508410_000000_16751701    33 stars filter R [14796.1s - 14976.1s] expo=180s elev=44.7deg humid= 86% sunelev=-24.6deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+39.0 )
AL_20160321_200831644_000000_16751801    41 stars filter C [14999.4s - 15179.4s] expo=180s elev=44.3deg humid= 85% sunelev=-25.2deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+40.0 )
AL_20160321_201142410_000000_16751801    35 stars filter C [15190.1s - 15370.1s] expo=180s elev=43.9deg humid= 86% sunelev=-25.7deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+40.0 )
AL_20160321_201453645_000000_16751801    45 stars filter R [15381.3s - 15561.3s] expo=180s elev=43.5deg humid= 86% sunelev=-26.2deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+41.0 )
AL_20160321_203047659_000000_16751901    50 stars filter C [16335.3s - 16515.3s] expo=180s elev=41.5deg humid= 87% sunelev=-28.7deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+43.0 )
AL_20160321_203358167_000000_16751901    46 stars filter R [16525.8s - 16705.8s] expo=180s elev=41.0deg humid= 87% sunelev=-29.1deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+43.0 )
AL_20160321_203709604_000000_16751901    36 stars filter V [16717.3s - 16897.3s] expo=180s elev=40.6deg humid= 86% sunelev=-29.6deg (moon at  64.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+43.0 )
AL_20160321_205513217_000000_16752001    46 stars filter C [17800.8s - 17980.8s] expo=180s elev=38.0deg humid= 86% sunelev=-32.2deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+45.0 )
AL_20160321_205823998_000000_16752001    42 stars filter R [17991.5s - 18171.5s] expo=180s elev=37.5deg humid= 86% sunelev=-32.7deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+46.0 )
AL_20160321_210134685_000000_16752001    34 stars filter V [18182.3s - 18362.3s] expo=180s elev=37.0deg humid= 87% sunelev=-33.1deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+46.0 )
AL_20160321_211944299_000000_16752101    50 stars filter C [19272.0s - 19452.0s] expo=180s elev=34.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-35.6deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+48.0 )
AL_20160321_212255752_000000_16752101    44 stars filter R [19463.4s - 19643.4s] expo=180s elev=33.7deg humid= 86% sunelev=-36.0deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+48.0 )
AL_20160321_212606242_000000_16752101    35 stars filter V [19653.9s - 19833.9s] expo=180s elev=33.2deg humid= 87% sunelev=-36.4deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+48.0 )
AL_20160321_214413964_000000_16752201    47 stars filter C [20741.5s - 20921.5s] expo=180s elev=30.2deg humid= 87% sunelev=-38.5deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+49.0 )
AL_20160321_214725305_000000_16752201    38 stars filter R [20932.7s - 21112.7s] expo=180s elev=29.7deg humid= 86% sunelev=-38.9deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+49.0 )
AL_20160321_215036758_000000_16752201    35 stars filter V [21124.1s - 21304.1s] expo=180s elev=29.2deg humid= 86% sunelev=-39.2deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.90 elev=+50.0 )
AL_20160321_220839975_000000_16752301    45 stars filter C [22207.7s - 22387.7s] expo=180s elev=26.1deg humid= 88% sunelev=-41.1deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+50.0 )
AL_20160321_221150710_000000_16752301    34 stars filter R [22398.4s - 22578.4s] expo=180s elev=25.6deg humid= 87% sunelev=-41.3deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+50.0 )
AL_20160321_221501491_000000_16752301    34 stars filter V [22589.2s - 22769.2s] expo=180s elev=25.0deg humid= 86% sunelev=-41.6deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+50.0 )
AL_20160321_223311831_000000_16752401    44 stars filter C [23679.5s - 23859.5s] expo=180s elev=21.9deg humid= 86% sunelev=-43.1deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+51.0 )
AL_20160321_223623232_000000_16752401    31 stars filter R [23870.9s - 24050.9s] expo=180s elev=21.3deg humid= 86% sunelev=-43.3deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+51.0 )
AL_20160321_223933795_000000_16752401    28 stars filter V [24061.4s - 24241.4s] expo=180s elev=20.7deg humid= 85% sunelev=-43.5deg (moon at  65.0deg phase=0.91 elev=+51.0 )
Informations from GCN notice:
This is a GRB
Date of the alert : 2457469.16351 2016-03-21T15:55:27.264
Decoded useful notice informations.
RA(J2000.0) : 99.4192 06h37m40s6
DEC(J2000.0) : 5.7473 +05d44m50s27
Error radius : 2.2 arcsec
Error box : x=59:60 y=100:101 (pixels)

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Galactic coordinates

Galactic coordinates : lon=206.277068908 lat=-0.447651469349
NASA/IPAC-Extragalactic-Database tool for calculate an extinction

Extinction from Schlegel et al. (1998, ApJ 500, 525): E(B-V)=16.989
Assuming Rv=3.1: Av=56.318 Ar=45.411 Ai=32.958 Extinction map E(B-V) from Schlegel:

Field of View is about 55 arcmin (north is NOT up !)

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GCN notice of this burst
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Example of a GCNC email for this burst
GRB 160321: TAROT Calern observatory optical observations
Klotz A., Turpin D. (IRAP-CNRS-OMP),
Boer M., Gendre B., Siellez K., Dereli H., Bardho O. (UNS-CNRS-OCA),
Atteia J.L. (IRAP-CNRS-OMP) report:

We imaged the field of GRB 160321 detected by SWIFT
(trigger 680017) with the TAROT robotic telescope (D=25cm)
located at the Calern observatory, France.

The observations started 2.71h after the GRB trigger.
The elevation of the field decreased from
51 degrees above horizon and weather conditions
were XXX.

---- NO
The date of trigger : t0 = 2016-03-21T15:55:27.264

The first image is trailed with a duration of 180.0s
(see the description in Klotz et al., 2006, A&A 451, L39).
We do not detect any OT with a limiting magnitude of:
t0+9743.4s to t0+9923.4s : R > 15.1

The second image is 180.0s exposure in tracking mode:
t0+9934.6s to t0+10114.6s : R > 16.2

We co-added a series of exposures:
t0+9934.6s to t0+11093.8s : R > 17.7
---- YES
We detect a new fading source in the error box given by SWIFT
We detected the candidate couterpart mentioned by XXX et al. (GCNC XXXX)
at the following position (+/- 3 arcsec):

RA(J2000.0) = XXh XXm XX.XXs
DEC(J2000.0) +XXd XX' XX.X"

OT was R~XX.X at 2.71h after GRB.

Magnitudes were estimated with the nearby USNO-B1 stars
and are not corrected for galactic dust extinction.

N.B. Galactic coordinates are lon=206.2771 lat= -0.4477
and the galactic extinction in R band is 45.4 magnitudes
estimated from D. Schlegel et al. 1998ApJ...500..525S.

This message may be cited.