GRB150622_143238_INTEGRAL at TAROT Calern observatory


Field is 7x7 arcmin (127x127 pixels).

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30 stars filter V [25438.5s - 25618.5s] expo=180s elev=40.4deg humid= 76% sunelev=-17.7deg (moon at 127.0deg phase=0.40 elev=+11.0 )
Informations from GCN notice:
This is a GRB
Date of the alert : 2457196.10599 2015-06-22T14:32:37.536
Decoded useful notice informations.
RA(J2000.0) : 306.038861031 20h24m09s3
DEC(J2000.0) : 33.8416304338 +33d50m29s86
Error radius : 2.9 arcmin
FITS image AL_20150622_213941116_000003_46674601.fits.gz (23.7 Ko)
Star list AL_20150622_213941116_000003_46674601.txt (30 etoiles)

Exposure : Start: 2015-06-22T21:36:36.017 - End: 2015-06-22T21:39:36.017