GRB130502_554996_SWIFT at TAROT Calern observatory


Field is 7.x7. arcmin (127x127 pixels).

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17 stars filter R [39084509.3s - 39084689.3s] expo=180s elev=34.3deg humid= 92% sunelev=-18.8deg (moon at 168.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-43.0 )
Informations from GCN notice:
This is not a GRB (a retractation has been edited)
Date of GRB : 2455962.9912571758 2012-02-05T11:47:24.619
Date of notice : 2455962.9915046296 2012-02-05T11:47:45.999
Refined position : no
RA(J2000.0) : 40.100000 02h40m24s0
DEC(J2000.0) : 61.220000 +61d13m12s00
Error box : x=-388207:-388097 y=-708835:-708725 (pixels)
FITS image AL_20130502_203859271_000002_78404901.fits.gz (21.4 Ko)
Star list AL_20130502_203859271_000002_78404901.txt (17 etoiles)

Exposure : Start: 2013-05-02T20:35:54.139 - End: 2013-05-02T20:38:54.138