GRB120112_130955_SWIFT at TAROT Calern observatory

TAROT Calern observatory log of images

AL_20120112_171246433_000002_42875701    40 stars filter C [431988.9s - 432048.9s] expo= 60s elev=70.9deg humid= 30% sunelev=-10.2deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_171326276_000002_42875701    39 stars filter C [432058.7s - 432088.7s] expo= 30s elev=71.0deg humid= 30% sunelev=-10.4deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_171406761_000002_42875701    35 stars filter C [432099.2s - 432129.2s] expo= 30s elev=71.0deg humid= 30% sunelev=-10.5deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_171447495_000002_42875701    39 stars filter C [432140.0s - 432170.0s] expo= 30s elev=71.1deg humid= 30% sunelev=-10.6deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_171528027_000002_42875701    39 stars filter C [432180.5s - 432210.5s] expo= 30s elev=71.1deg humid= 30% sunelev=-10.7deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_171608293_000002_42875701    36 stars filter C [432220.7s - 432250.7s] expo= 30s elev=71.1deg humid= 29% sunelev=-10.8deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20120112_172115074_000002_42875801    56 stars filter C [432467.5s - 432557.5s] expo= 90s elev=71.3deg humid= 30% sunelev=-11.5deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-27.0 )
AL_20120112_172256066_000002_42875801    68 stars filter C [432568.5s - 432658.5s] expo= 90s elev=71.4deg humid= 30% sunelev=-11.8deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-27.0 )
AL_20120112_172436316_000002_42875801    56 stars filter R [432668.8s - 432758.8s] expo= 90s elev=71.4deg humid= 30% sunelev=-12.1deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-27.0 )
AL_20120112_172616846_000002_42875801    68 stars filter C [432769.3s - 432859.3s] expo= 90s elev=71.5deg humid= 30% sunelev=-12.4deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-26.0 )
AL_20120112_172757816_000002_42875801    72 stars filter C [432870.3s - 432960.3s] expo= 90s elev=71.5deg humid= 30% sunelev=-12.7deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-26.0 )
AL_20120112_172938129_000002_42875801    58 stars filter R [432970.5s - 433060.5s] expo= 90s elev=71.6deg humid= 29% sunelev=-13.0deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-26.0 )
AL_20120112_173226818_000002_42875901    78 stars filter C [433139.3s - 433229.3s] expo= 90s elev=71.7deg humid= 29% sunelev=-13.5deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20120112_173407302_000002_42875901    80 stars filter C [433239.8s - 433329.8s] expo= 90s elev=71.7deg humid= 29% sunelev=-13.7deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20120112_173548037_000002_42875901    58 stars filter R [433340.5s - 433430.5s] expo= 90s elev=71.7deg humid= 29% sunelev=-14.0deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20120112_173728332_000002_42875901    72 stars filter C [433440.8s - 433530.8s] expo= 90s elev=71.8deg humid= 29% sunelev=-14.3deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20120112_173908818_000002_42875901    78 stars filter C [433541.3s - 433631.3s] expo= 90s elev=71.8deg humid= 29% sunelev=-14.6deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20120112_174049582_000002_42875901    61 stars filter R [433642.0s - 433732.0s] expo= 90s elev=71.8deg humid= 29% sunelev=-14.9deg (moon at 102.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-24.0 )
AL_20120112_174844320_000002_42876001    89 stars filter C [434026.8s - 434206.8s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-16.0deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-23.0 )
AL_20120112_175155278_000002_42876001    92 stars filter C [434217.7s - 434397.7s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-16.6deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-23.0 )
AL_20120112_175505529_000002_42876001    74 stars filter R [434408.0s - 434588.0s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-17.1deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-22.0 )
AL_20120112_175816091_000002_42876001    83 stars filter C [434598.5s - 434778.5s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-17.7deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-22.0 )
AL_20120112_180126106_000002_42876001    90 stars filter C [434788.6s - 434968.6s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-18.2deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-21.0 )
AL_20120112_180437077_000002_42876001    78 stars filter R [434979.5s - 435159.5s] expo=180s elev=71.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-18.8deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-21.0 )
AL_20120112_180837499_000002_42876101    86 stars filter C [435219.9s - 435399.9s] expo=180s elev=71.8deg humid= 28% sunelev=-19.5deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-20.0 )
AL_20120112_181148191_000002_42876101    97 stars filter C [435410.7s - 435590.7s] expo=180s elev=71.8deg humid= 29% sunelev=-20.1deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-20.0 )
AL_20120112_181458472_000002_42876101    77 stars filter R [435600.9s - 435780.9s] expo=180s elev=71.7deg humid= 28% sunelev=-20.6deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-19.0 )
AL_20120112_181809409_000002_42876101    94 stars filter C [435791.9s - 435971.9s] expo=180s elev=71.6deg humid= 28% sunelev=-21.2deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-19.0 )
AL_20120112_182120409_000002_42876101    96 stars filter C [435982.9s - 436162.9s] expo=180s elev=71.5deg humid= 28% sunelev=-21.8deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.76 elev=-18.0 )
AL_20120112_182430947_000002_42876101    74 stars filter R [436173.4s - 436353.4s] expo=180s elev=71.4deg humid= 27% sunelev=-22.3deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-18.0 )
AL_20120112_182839884_000002_42876201   103 stars filter C [436422.4s - 436602.4s] expo=180s elev=71.2deg humid= 28% sunelev=-23.1deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-17.0 )
AL_20120112_183150165_000002_42876201    96 stars filter C [436612.6s - 436792.6s] expo=180s elev=71.1deg humid= 28% sunelev=-23.6deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-17.0 )
AL_20120112_183459983_000002_42876201    84 stars filter R [436802.4s - 436982.4s] expo=180s elev=71.0deg humid= 28% sunelev=-24.2deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-16.0 )
AL_20120112_183811232_000002_42876201   102 stars filter C [436993.6s - 437173.6s] expo=180s elev=70.8deg humid= 28% sunelev=-24.8deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-16.0 )
AL_20120112_184121936_000002_42876201    96 stars filter C [437184.4s - 437364.4s] expo=180s elev=70.7deg humid= 28% sunelev=-25.3deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-15.0 )
AL_20120112_184432875_000002_42876201    88 stars filter R [437375.3s - 437555.3s] expo=180s elev=70.5deg humid= 28% sunelev=-25.9deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-15.0 )
AL_20120112_184841876_000002_42876301    99 stars filter C [437624.3s - 437804.3s] expo=180s elev=70.3deg humid= 28% sunelev=-26.7deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-14.0 )
AL_20120112_185151922_000002_42876301   102 stars filter C [437814.3s - 437994.3s] expo=180s elev=70.1deg humid= 28% sunelev=-27.2deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-14.0 )
AL_20120112_185502865_000002_42876301    75 stars filter R [438005.3s - 438185.3s] expo=180s elev=69.9deg humid= 29% sunelev=-27.8deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-13.0 )
AL_20120112_185813615_000002_42876301    90 stars filter C [438196.1s - 438376.1s] expo=180s elev=69.6deg humid= 29% sunelev=-28.4deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-13.0 )
AL_20120112_190123692_000002_42876301   100 stars filter C [438386.1s - 438566.1s] expo=180s elev=69.4deg humid= 29% sunelev=-28.9deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-12.0 )
AL_20120112_190434398_000002_42876301    84 stars filter R [438576.9s - 438756.9s] expo=180s elev=69.2deg humid= 29% sunelev=-29.5deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-12.0 )
AL_20120112_190844272_000002_42876401   104 stars filter C [438826.7s - 439006.7s] expo=180s elev=68.9deg humid= 28% sunelev=-30.3deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-11.0 )
AL_20120112_191155305_000002_42876401    94 stars filter C [439017.7s - 439197.7s] expo=180s elev=68.7deg humid= 28% sunelev=-30.8deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-10.0 )
AL_20120112_191506230_000002_42876401    82 stars filter R [439208.7s - 439388.7s] expo=180s elev=68.4deg humid= 28% sunelev=-31.4deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev=-10.0 )
AL_20120112_191816965_000002_42876401   103 stars filter C [439399.4s - 439579.4s] expo=180s elev=68.1deg humid= 28% sunelev=-32.0deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev= -9.0 )
AL_20120112_192126996_000002_42876401   106 stars filter C [439589.5s - 439769.5s] expo=180s elev=67.9deg humid= 28% sunelev=-32.6deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev= -9.0 )
AL_20120112_192437966_000002_42876401    86 stars filter R [439780.4s - 439960.4s] expo=180s elev=67.6deg humid= 27% sunelev=-33.1deg (moon at 103.0deg phase=0.75 elev= -8.0 )
Informations from GCN notice:
This is not a GRB (a retractation has been edited)
Date of GRB : 2455934.2165768519 2012-01-07T17:11:52.240
Date of notice : 2455934.2390740742 2012-01-07T17:44:16.000
Refined position : yes (error radius=282.0 arcsec)
RA(J2000.0) : 51.612000 03h26m26s8
DEC(J2000.0) : 28.696000 +28d41m45s60
Error box : x=-29143:-28972 y=-36953:-36782 (pixels)

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Galactic coordinates

Galactic coordinates : lon=129.394261 lat=-0.415926
NASA/IPAC-Extragalactic-Database tool for calculate an extinction

Extinction from Schlegel et al. (1998, ApJ 500, 525): E(B-V)=6.264
Assuming Rv=3.1: Av=20.764 Ar=16.743 Ai=12.152 Extinction map E(B-V) from Schlegel:

Field of View is about 55 arcmin (north is NOT up !)

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GCN notice of this burst
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Example of a GCNC email for this burst
GRB 120112: TAROT Calern observatory optical observations
Klotz A. (IRAP-OMP), Gendre B. (ASDC/INAF-OAR),
Boer M. (OCA-CNRS), Atteia J.L. (IRAP-OMP) report:

We imaged the field of GRB 120112 detected by SWIFT
(trigger 511289) with the TAROT robotic telescope (D=25cm)
located at the Calern observatory, France.

The observations started 431988.9s after the GRB trigger
(430045.4s after the notice). The elevation of the field increased from
70 degrees above horizon and weather conditions
were XXX.

---- NO
The date of trigger : t0 = 2012-01-07T17:11:52.511

The first image is trailed with a duration of 60.0s
(see the description in Klotz et al., 2006, A&A 451, L39).
We do not detect any OT with a limiting magnitude of:
t0+431988.9s to t0+432048.9s : R > 15.1

The second image is 30.0s exposure in tracking mode:
t0+432058.7s to t0+432088.7s : R > 16.2

We co-added a series of exposures:
t0+432058.7s to t0+432557.5s : R > 17.7
---- YES
We detect a new fading source in the error box given by SWIFT
We detected the candidate couterpart mentioned by XXX et al. (GCNC XXXX)
at the following position (+/- 3 arcsec):

RA(J2000.0) = XXh XXm XX.XXs
DEC(J2000.0) +XXd XX' XX.X"

OT was R~XX.X at 431988.9s after GRB.

Magnitudes were estimated with the nearby USNO-B1 stars
and are not corrected for galactic dust extinction.

N.B. Galactic coordinates are lon=129.3943 lat= -0.4159
and the galactic extinction in R band is 16.7 magnitudes
estimated from D. Schlegel et al. 1998ApJ...500..525S.

This message may be cited.