GRB100403_203545_SWIFT at TAROT Calern observatory

TAROT Calern observatory log of images

AL_20100404_192000289_381833_90058300    40 stars filter V [81820.0s - 82000.0s] expo=180s elev=48.6deg humid= 71% sunelev=-14.1deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.60 elev=-50.0 )
AL_20100404_192315807_381833_90058300    49 stars filter R [82015.5s - 82195.5s] expo=180s elev=48.0deg humid= 70% sunelev=-14.6deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.60 elev=-50.0 )
AL_20100404_192632463_381833_90058300    44 stars filter I [82211.0s - 82391.0s] expo=180s elev=47.5deg humid= 69% sunelev=-15.1deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.60 elev=-49.0 )
AL_20100404_202958925_381834_90058400    37 stars filter V [86018.5s - 86198.5s] expo=180s elev=37.2deg humid= 67% sunelev=-25.0deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-38.0 )
AL_20100404_203315584_381834_90058400    51 stars filter R [86214.1s - 86394.1s] expo=180s elev=36.7deg humid= 67% sunelev=-25.5deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-38.0 )
AL_20100404_203634084_381834_90058400    51 stars filter I [86413.6s - 86593.6s] expo=180s elev=36.2deg humid= 66% sunelev=-26.0deg (moon at 156.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-37.0 )
AL_20100404_213953556_381835_90058500    40 stars filter V [90213.1s - 90393.1s] expo=180s elev=26.7deg humid= 58% sunelev=-33.8deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-26.0 )
AL_20100404_214313092_381835_90058500    46 stars filter R [90412.7s - 90592.7s] expo=180s elev=26.2deg humid= 57% sunelev=-34.2deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-26.0 )
AL_20100404_214631733_381835_90058500    46 stars filter I [90610.2s - 90790.2s] expo=180s elev=25.7deg humid= 58% sunelev=-34.5deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-25.0 )
AL_20100404_224952130_381836_90058600    30 stars filter V [94411.7s - 94591.7s] expo=180s elev=17.2deg humid= 53% sunelev=-39.3deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-15.0 )
AL_20100404_225307629_381836_90058600    30 stars filter R [94607.2s - 94787.2s] expo=180s elev=16.8deg humid= 53% sunelev=-39.4deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-14.0 )
AL_20100404_225626801_381836_90058600    44 stars filter I [94805.2s - 94985.2s] expo=180s elev=16.4deg humid= 52% sunelev=-39.6deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.59 elev=-14.0 )
AL_20100405_000002288_381837_90058700    18 stars filter V [98620.3s - 98800.3s] expo=180s elev= 9.3deg humid= 51% sunelev=-40.1deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.58 elev= -4.0 )
AL_20100405_000319416_381837_90058700    22 stars filter R [98817.9s - 98997.9s] expo=180s elev= 8.9deg humid= 50% sunelev=-40.0deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.58 elev= -3.0 )
AL_20100405_000635212_381837_90058700    24 stars filter I [99013.4s - 99193.4s] expo=180s elev= 8.6deg humid= 50% sunelev=-39.9deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.58 elev= -3.0 )
AL_20100405_011017422_381838_90058800     0 star  filter V [102837.0s - 103017.0s] expo=180s elev= 3.3deg humid= 51% sunelev=-36.0deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.58 elev= +5.0 )
AL_20100405_011336223_381838_90058800     0 star  filter R [103034.6s - 103214.6s] expo=180s elev= 3.1deg humid= 52% sunelev=-35.7deg (moon at 155.0deg phase=0.58 elev= +5.0 )
AL_20100405_194854644_381854_90060400    47 stars filter V [169954.1s - 170134.1s] expo=180s elev=43.2deg humid= 40% sunelev=-18.5deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-53.0 )
AL_20100405_195214144_381854_90060400    52 stars filter R [170153.8s - 170333.8s] expo=180s elev=42.6deg humid= 40% sunelev=-19.1deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-53.0 )
AL_20100405_195532800_381854_90060400    47 stars filter I [170351.2s - 170531.2s] expo=180s elev=42.1deg humid= 40% sunelev=-19.6deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-52.0 )
AL_20100405_210021940_381855_90060500    47 stars filter V [174241.5s - 174421.5s] expo=180s elev=31.9deg humid= 40% sunelev=-28.9deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-41.0 )
AL_20100405_210341331_381855_90060500    55 stars filter R [174439.0s - 174619.0s] expo=180s elev=31.4deg humid= 40% sunelev=-29.3deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-41.0 )
AL_20100405_210700073_381855_90060500    59 stars filter I [174638.6s - 174818.6s] expo=180s elev=30.9deg humid= 40% sunelev=-29.7deg (moon at 147.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-40.0 )
AL_20100405_220950345_381856_90060600    38 stars filter V [178409.9s - 178589.9s] expo=180s elev=21.9deg humid= 42% sunelev=-36.3deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-29.0 )
AL_20100405_221309564_381856_90060600    50 stars filter R [178607.4s - 178787.4s] expo=180s elev=21.5deg humid= 43% sunelev=-36.6deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-29.0 )
AL_20100405_221628736_381856_90060600    55 stars filter I [178807.0s - 178987.0s] expo=180s elev=21.0deg humid= 42% sunelev=-36.8deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.53 elev=-28.0 )
AL_20100405_232024368_381857_90060700    34 stars filter V [182642.8s - 182822.8s] expo=180s elev=13.1deg humid= 40% sunelev=-39.9deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev=-17.0 )
AL_20100405_232342790_381857_90060700    45 stars filter R [182842.3s - 183022.3s] expo=180s elev=12.7deg humid= 43% sunelev=-39.9deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev=-17.0 )
AL_20100405_232658321_381857_90060700    39 stars filter I [183037.8s - 183217.8s] expo=180s elev=12.4deg humid= 46% sunelev=-39.9deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev=-16.0 )
AL_20100406_003020975_381858_90060800     1 star  filter V [186839.4s - 187019.4s] expo=180s elev= 6.1deg humid= 36% sunelev=-38.5deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev= -6.0 )
AL_20100406_003336834_381858_90060800     8 stars filter R [187034.9s - 187214.9s] expo=180s elev= 5.8deg humid= 36% sunelev=-38.3deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev= -5.0 )
AL_20100406_003654881_381858_90060800     0 star  filter I [187234.5s - 187414.5s] expo=180s elev= 5.5deg humid= 35% sunelev=-38.1deg (moon at 146.0deg phase=0.52 elev= -5.0 )
AL_20100406_013917917_381859_90060900     0 star  filter V [190977.5s - 191157.5s] expo=180s elev= 1.4deg humid= 31% sunelev=-32.8deg (moon at 145.0deg phase=0.52 elev= +3.0 )
AL_20100406_014234949_381859_90060900     0 star  filter R [191173.0s - 191353.0s] expo=180s elev= 1.2deg humid= 30% sunelev=-32.4deg (moon at 145.0deg phase=0.52 elev= +4.0 )
AL_20100406_014550714_381859_90060900     0 star  filter I [191368.6s - 191548.6s] expo=180s elev= 1.1deg humid= 31% sunelev=-32.0deg (moon at 145.0deg phase=0.52 elev= +4.0 )
AL_20100406_191548512_381874_90062400    38 stars filter V [254367.8s - 254547.8s] expo=180s elev=48.0deg humid= 35% sunelev=-12.9deg (moon at 138.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-63.0 )
AL_20100406_191905294_381874_90062400    47 stars filter R [254563.4s - 254743.4s] expo=180s elev=47.4deg humid= 33% sunelev=-13.4deg (moon at 138.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-63.0 )
AL_20100406_192221044_381874_90062400    53 stars filter I [254758.9s - 254938.9s] expo=180s elev=46.9deg humid= 34% sunelev=-14.0deg (moon at 138.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-62.0 )
AL_20100406_202000304_381875_90062500    42 stars filter V [258219.8s - 258399.8s] expo=180s elev=37.5deg humid= 34% sunelev=-23.0deg (moon at 137.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-54.0 )
AL_20100406_202316850_381875_90062500    51 stars filter R [258415.3s - 258595.3s] expo=180s elev=37.0deg humid= 33% sunelev=-23.5deg (moon at 137.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-54.0 )
AL_20100406_202635301_381875_90062500    50 stars filter I [258614.9s - 258794.9s] expo=180s elev=36.5deg humid= 32% sunelev=-24.0deg (moon at 137.0deg phase=0.47 elev=-53.0 )
AL_20100406_223904549_381877_90062700    28 stars filter V [266563.0s - 266743.0s] expo=180s elev=17.6deg humid= 26% sunelev=-38.0deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-31.0 )
AL_20100406_224222706_381877_90062700    35 stars filter R [266762.3s - 266942.3s] expo=180s elev=17.2deg humid= 26% sunelev=-38.2deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-30.0 )
AL_20100406_224541362_381877_90062700    28 stars filter I [266959.8s - 267139.8s] expo=180s elev=16.8deg humid= 26% sunelev=-38.3deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-30.0 )
AL_20100406_234957764_381878_90062800     0 star  filter V [270816.4s - 270996.4s] expo=180s elev= 9.5deg humid= 31% sunelev=-39.5deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-19.0 )
AL_20100406_235317107_381878_90062800     0 star  filter R [271015.3s - 271195.3s] expo=180s elev= 9.2deg humid= 32% sunelev=-39.5deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-18.0 )
AL_20100406_235635330_381878_90062800     0 star  filter I [271214.9s - 271394.9s] expo=180s elev= 8.8deg humid= 31% sunelev=-39.4deg (moon at 136.0deg phase=0.46 elev=-17.0 )
AL_20100407_005904478_381879_90062900     0 star  filter V [274964.0s - 275144.0s] expo=180s elev= 3.5deg humid= 31% sunelev=-36.2deg (moon at 135.0deg phase=0.46 elev= -7.0 )
AL_20100407_010223212_381879_90062900     0 star  filter R [275161.5s - 275341.5s] expo=180s elev= 3.3deg humid= 34% sunelev=-35.9deg (moon at 135.0deg phase=0.46 elev= -6.0 )
AL_20100407_010542743_381879_90062900     0 star  filter I [275361.1s - 275541.1s] expo=180s elev= 3.1deg humid= 37% sunelev=-35.7deg (moon at 135.0deg phase=0.46 elev= -6.0 )
No informations from GCN notice.

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Galactic coordinates

Galactic coordinates : lon=159.869090 lat=-1.253017
NASA/IPAC-Extragalactic-Database tool for calculate an extinction

Extinction from Schlegel et al. (1998, ApJ 500, 525): E(B-V)=3.187
Assuming Rv=3.1: Av=10.565 Ar=8.519 Ai=6.183 Extinction map E(B-V) from Schlegel:

Field of View is about 55 arcmin (north is NOT up !)

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GCN notice of this burst
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Example of a GCNC email for this burst
GRB 100403: TAROT Calern observatory optical observations
Klotz A. (CESR-OMP), Gendre B. (IASF),
Boer M. (OHP-OAMP), Atteia J.L. (LATT-OMP) report:

We imaged the field of GRB 100403 detected by SWIFT
(trigger 418178) with the TAROT robotic telescope (D=25cm)
located at the Calern observatory, France.

The observations started 81820.0s after the GRB trigger
(XXXs after the notice). The elevation of the field decreased from
48 degrees above horizon and weather conditions
were XXX.

---- NO
The date of trigger : t0 = 2010-04-03T20:33:14.320

The first image is trailed with a duration of 180.0s
(see the description in Klotz et al., 2006, A&A 451, L39).
We do not detect any OT with a limiting magnitude of:
t0+81820.0s to t0+82000.0s : R > 15.1

The second image is 180.0s exposure in tracking mode:
t0+82015.5s to t0+82195.5s : R > 16.2

We co-added a series of exposures:
t0+82015.5s to t0+90393.1s : R > 17.7
---- YES
We detect a new fading source in the error box given by SWIFT
We detected the candidate couterpart mentioned by XXX et al. (GCNC XXXX)
at the following position (+/- 3 arcsec):

RA(J2000.0) = XXh XXm XX.XXs
DEC(J2000.0) +XXd XX' XX.X"

OT was R~XX.X at 81820.0s after GRB.

Magnitudes were estimated with the nearby USNO-B1 stars
and are not corrected for galactic dust extinction.

N.B. Galactic coordinates are lon=159.8691 lat= -1.2530
and the galactic extinction in R band is 8.5 magnitudes
estimated from D. Schlegel et al. 1998ApJ...500..525S.

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